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20th Sep 2015

At last - Assessment Guidance released! The eagerly awaited ’Final report of the Commission on assessment without Levels 2015’ has been released alongside the Government’s response to it. Both documents can be read here. Also included is an Interim Teacher Assessment document for Science, English and Maths. These documents appear to follow on from the draft Descriptors that were released early this year and state that

’This statutory interim framework is to be used only to make a teacher assessment judgement at the end of the key stage following the completion of the key stage 1/2
curriculum. It is not intended to be used to track progress throughout the key stages. The interim framework does not include full coverage of the content of the national curriculum and focuses on key aspects for assessment.Pupils achieving the standard within this interim framework will be able to demonstrate a broader range of skills than those being assessed.’ (taken from Interim Teacher Assessment document -DFE )
To access the documents download the folder.

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