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14.Pioneers of exploration and invention

The discovery of an earth like planet named LHS 1140b, the invention of the artificial skin for robots and the explorers who discovered the world`s longest underwater cave rich with diversity; these are all examples of how studying the great scientists, inventors, and explorers is a fantastic way to teach children about key scientific discoveries as well as inspiring them to `Work Scientifically`. This course will look at how you can use these scientists, explorers, and inventors to teach the science curriculum. We will also identify fun resources and tools that will help you bring these people and their discoveries to life, making it enjoyable and relevant for children.
As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create stimulating lessons about scientists, inventors, and explorers that develop enquiry and scientific understanding.
  • Use resources and activities that enhance your science teaching.
  • Discover innovative ways to develop cross-curricular links to increase learning.

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