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2016 Science Assessment Exemplifications

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20th Apr 2016

These documents have been produced by the Government to give guidance to teachers in helping them make judgments for the 2016 Interim Teacher assessments at the end of Year 2 and Year 6.

They show examples of children’s work that are ‘working at the expected standard’. They do not, at any point, suggest that this is the only way to demonstrate what your children have achieved .

Think back to the support materials that had been gathered to help support APP when we used to have levels. Their role was to show teachers what may be useful to help them make judgments. It was NOT to be used to as a guide to what teachers had to collect into a folder as evidence to prove what they had taught and the children had achieved . Instead, it was a collection of examples of what children’s work may look like. To quote from this current documentation from the Government website;

‘’If teachers are confident in their judgements, they do not need to refer to the exemplification materials. The exemplification materials are there to help teachers make their judgements where they want additional guidance.’’

It also goes onto say ;

‘’The judgement as to whether a pupil meets a statement is made across a collection of evidence and not on individual pieces.’’

Click on the folders to take a look at the documents, bearing in mind, that these are not guidance that has to be used if teachers are confident with their own assessments

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