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Call for budding gardeners - RHS School Gardening Awards

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12th Sep 2016

Do you want to develop your school grounds into a valuable outdoor resource ? Then you may be interested in the RHS School Gardening Awards. These awards are split into 3 levels. Each level comes with resources to support your garden’s development, such as Setting up a school garden , with a certificate and reward when the level is achieved. Level one is a simple plan of up to 80 words to describe what you hope to achieve in your outdoor classroom. Once approved, the school will receive a certificate and a set of three Habitat Identification Guides for woodlands, gardens and grasslands. The reward for Level three is a Rocket Gardens voucher worth £150 for a series of three boxes brimming with vegetable and fruit plug plants, delivered to your school.
To find out more about Level 2 and 3, click on the link.

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