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15th Sep 2016

Science works well when we link it to what’s going on in the world so why not make the links between the Olympics and Paralympics that have happened in Rio this summer to your lessons . Take a look at some of the following ideas . From ‘Animals, including humans’ - children could imagine they are the Nutrionist for the British team and have to design an appropriate diet for a chosen athlete or perhaps one of the horses in the equestrian events. Or if you are teaching about Materials perhaps design an Olympic torch using a suitable material and light source that will stay alight through the journey from Athens to Rio. Why not look at the different materials used to design the varied athletes outfits such as the swimwear, trainers or protective helmets for the cyclists or horse riders. Challenge the children to find ways to test how these materials will perform. If Forces is your Autumn topic take a look at how these forces come into play in certain sports such as the sailing, cycling or weight lifting. Which sports need lots of friction, which ones need to reduce friction? The Rio 2016 Mascots are a fabulous starter to a lesson - the Olympic mascot is made up of all the animals of the rain forest whereas the Paralympic mascot is a combination of the plants and landscape of the Brazilian landscape. Download the Education Guru lesson plan to see how to use the mascots in a lesson.
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