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Sad death of Babette Cole

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16th Jan 2017

Children’s author and illustrator Babette Cole has died on Saturday 14th January aged 67. Her books , such as Princess Smarty Pants, Mummy laid an Egg, The Slimy Book are all excellent ways to engage children in exciting science lessons.

If you can get your hands on a copy of ’Princess Smartypants’ just take a look and see how many of the tasks, that the Princess challenges those who wish to win her hand in marriage, match science objectives.

For example Roller Disco and Rescuing the Princess from the Tower - Friction, Feeding the Royal Pets - food chains, healthy diets, Carrying the Queen’s shopping- materials and their properties.
These are just a few ideas from a book, brimming with lesson starters . Take a look at the many other books from Babette Cole and see how you might use them to spice up your science teaching. The author and illustrator will be sorely missed, but her books will continue to bring joy to those who read them both young and old.

Babette Cole September 1949 - January 2017

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