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Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra

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5th Feb 2017

Quite simply, the world`s coldest and toughest race, which takes place in Yukon Canada. The Yukon Arctic Ultra lasts thirteen nights, with 18 hours a day spent dragging a sleigh across an empty wilderness with 430 miles of snow, ice and temperatures as low as -40°C.
A good friend of Education Guru, Matt Nuttall is participating on foot, to raise money for the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour charity. We thought your children might like to do some investigations into finding ways to help Matt stay warm and dry during his challenge as some nights he will be sleeping outside in -40 degress. Maybe they could investigate the best food for Matt to eat to keep up his energy levels or suggest ways to help Matt`s sledge slide easily across the snow with as little friction as possible. Let us have your suggestions and we can pass them on to Matt. To find out more and track Matts progress click on the link.

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