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Prince Harry speaks out about his mental health

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27th Apr 2017

Prince Harry spoke out last week about his own mental health issues which stemmed from the loss of his mother at such an early age . The Prince talked candidly, in an interview, saying how he had felt that there was no point thinking about his loss or talking about it, as it would just cause more pain. This has led to him experiencing emotional distress and difficulties in his life as he has grown up. When he eventually sought help and shared his feelings with a counsellor he found that his mental health improved and his life became happier. Since bravely sharing that he has sought help , and raising the issue of mental health , helplines, such as CALM have seen traffic to their site double in a week and the Heads Together Charity , spearheaded by the Royal Princes and Princess have seen an amazing 2300% increase in communications. To watch the interview with Prince Harry and find out more click on the link

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