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PISA 2015 Results - Science Focus and Life Enjoyment

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2nd May 2017

Over the past decade, the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA, has become the world’s premier yardstick for evaluating the quality, equity and efficiency of school systems. But the evidence base that PISA has produced goes well beyond statistical benchmarking. By identifying the characteristics of high-performing education systems, PISA allows governments and educators to identify effective policies that they can then adapt to their local contexts.
While the latest PISA assessment in 2015 focused on science, it also looked beyond students’ academic proficiency to offer a more detailed examination of their enjoyment of life. Are students basically happy? Do they feel that they belong to a community at school? Do they enjoy supportive relations with their peers, their teachers and their parents? Is there any association between the quality of students’ relationships in and outside of school and their academic performance?
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