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5th Jun 2017

Ever noticed how when we are stressed, we tend to fiddle?  whether that be with our hair, bite our nails, pick at our skin, gnaw our lips , or clench our teeth or hands. Therefore having something to fiddle with can be therapeutic and help release some of our stress.

Why not have ago at making some stress toys with your children ?
Get a multi pack of balloons and get each child to choose a balloon .They may pick their favourite colour. Ask them to think about something that makes them feel stressed eg,. SATs, having to learn their spellings etc then give them a mirror to look at their reflections. What sort of a face are they pulling ? Get them to draw this face onto the balloon in a marker pen. Give the children some dried rice/split peas/lentils to fill their balloons up with, leaving a little bit of a space before they tie them off. Hey presto ! They then have their own stress balloon to squeeze and stretch when they are feeling stressed.

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