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Go Orange for Orangutans !

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14th Nov 2017

Orangutans are the largest tree-climbing mammal in the world but they are critically endangered . So the Orangutan Foundation are encouraging everyone to go orange during Orangutan awareness week which runs from 12- 18 November. Could you encourage your class to help fund raise for Orangutans, perhaps all dressing in orange clothes, whilst researching what Orangutans eat , where they live and why they are endangered ?

Good news is that a brand new species of Orangutan was discovered last week in North Sumatran in Indonesia called Tapanuli Orangutan. The bad news is that Scientists estimate that there are only 800 of the apes left in the wild so they have immediately been put on the Critically Endangered List. Why not look at the animals on the list with your class and see if they can suggest ways to help the species and the environments they live in. To find out more about Orangutan Awareness week follow the link.

Education Guru will donate the proceeds from all resources sold on the website during this week to the Orangutan Foundation. Please take a look at the resources

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