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Sustainable Shaun - Free App

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25th Jan 2018

 In this game you are helping Shaun the Sheep be more environmentally aware. Taking care of the environment should be taught to every child on a regular basis .

In the Science National curriculum this App will help teach  the Year 4 objective of ‘Recognise that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things.’ But learning about how to care for the environment can be included in many areas of the science curriculum including Plants and Animals and also when teaching the Material topics.

Why not download the App and ‘help Shaun the Sheep build sustainable communities for stray animals all over Europe! Dive into the junkyard pile and play match-3 to retrieve materials. Use what you find to craft buildings from blueprints in Bitzerís workshop. Then place them wherever you like to build your ideal sustainable settlement.

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