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International Day of Women in Science 2018

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11th Feb 2018

On the 11th Feb we celebrate Women and girls involvement in Science all over the world.

On this day events are held to try to find ways to encourage more females to get involved with science and pursue STEM careers. In 2017 a survey showed that just 27% of jobs in STEM are taken up by women.

Why not focus on a female scientist in your science topic ? You could look at Dr Kathrin Hoppner who is a scientist who works in Antarctica or Maggie Aderin-Pocock who is an Astronomer managing the observation instruments on the Aeolus Satellite. If you are learning about Evolution you could take a look at Seirian Sumner who is a evolutionary biologist and behavioural ecologist.

 Let’s inspire the girls in our classes to believe they could have a career in STEM if they so choose.

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