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Winter Olympics and Friction

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14th Feb 2018

The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang , South Korea, provide a wealth of ideas to help teach science and well being to our children. Whenever you can link lessons to something that is current and happening in the world, learning seems to become more exciting and embedded.

Over a few of posts we will share some ways to link your lessons with the Winter Olympics, starting off with the most obvious one – Friction!

Watch one of the events with your class , perhaps the Luge or the Bob sleigh and ask the children to look at how the vehicles move down the track. Do they think there is a lot of friction or not much friction ? Ask them to look at how the bob sleigh slides around the corners and then to watch what happens at the end of the track- how do they slow down ? Do they need friction to help slow the bobsleigh down ? Is there a break ? If so how might it work ? Ask them to think about a snowy icy day – do they slip and slide on the ice ? Why do they think this is ? Ask them to imagine they are in charge of the track that the luge and the bobsleigh event is on . Can they design a course that will help the athletes go as fast as they can but also one that allows them to stop at the bottom. They could then go on to investigate which bobsleighs would go the fastest ? The two man or the four man ? Can they design an investigation to see who have the fastest time ? Can they look at other events and decide where friction comes into play ?

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