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Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog

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16th Feb 2018

Chinese New Year celebrations last for around 15 days so why not link some of your science to the festivities ? Starting with lanterns they can be linked to the N.C. light objectives or electricity objectives. Children could try to make a lantern brighter than another or perhaps look at the shadows a lantern may cast. In Year 5 they could look at irreversible changes with the burning and production of new materials when lanterns are lit .

You could even link your well being or PHSE activities to Lanterns as on the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations people let off lanterns to symbolize letting go of their past selves and starting afresh,  a little like our setting new resolutions on January 1st each year.

Fireworks are also  a big part of Chinese New Year Celebrations and they link really well to material topics. Why not get the children to research where fireworks came from and who invented the first firework?  Education Guru use The Firework Maker’s Daughter as one of the Stories in Year 5 Stories and Poem to support Creative science . To take a look at this resource follow the link.

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