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Celebrate World Book Day through a Science story !

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28th Feb 2018

Every year schools celebrate world book day dressing up as their favourite characters and focussing on page turners for the day .
This year why not have a science themed book day and get the children to dress up as characters from books that are great for using during science lessons ? Every class could start a science lesson off with a story.

This year’s World Book day is on 1st March. This year’s theme is ‘share a story’ so why not share a story that can lead onto a great science lesson ?

Stories such as The Mixed Up Chameleon can lead onto a great science lesson where Year 1 children can learn about reptiles, mammals, birds , amphibians and fish or perhaps use Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura to enthuse Year 3 children to learn about the uses of different Rocks?

At Education Guru we love to use books to start off a science lesson and to get teachers started we have written a set of resources to help each year group to do this.

Just click on the link to view. For a free lesson click on the folder.

Download our Free Lesson Plan

This easy to follow lesson takes your class through creating a curious creature with peculiar adaptations