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Spring has started to sprout !

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22nd Mar 2018

At last Spring seems to have arrived.

Why not take your children outside and see who can spot the most signs of spring ?

Some signs will be very obvious, such as the daffodils and buds on the trees. But will your children notice the birdsong perhaps waking them up as the birds sound out their dawn chorus, or the start of the bluebells as they start to unfurl their shoots from the ground or the croaking of the male frog to woo the female ?

Maybe if you have a pond close by , they can take a careful look and may be able to spot frogspawn from the Common Frog. Once the Tadpoles hatch they take about 16 weeks to gradually change into froglets through the process of metamorphosis . Perhaps your children could set up an observation over time to see the changes.

To give the children a helping hand why not download this Springtime spotter from Nature Detectives?
Challenge the children to find some of their own sprintime spots not on the spotter.

Click on the folder to get your copy.

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