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Key Stage 1 SATS to be replaced by Reception Baseline

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15th Apr 2018

Ok don’t get too excited about no more Key stage 1 SATS as the government pledges to

‘Remove some of the wider burdens on teachers, including making Key Stage 1 tests and assessments non-statutory from 2023 and remove the requirement for schools to submit teacher assessment data to the government for reading and maths at the end of Key Stage 2, as these subjects are already assessed through statutory tests, from 2018-19’’

A new baseline assessment for Reception children created by NFER is to be trialled. NFER says

‘Reception children enjoy taking our assessment – which involves using resources such as counting teddy bears, plastic shapes and picture sequencing cards, reflecting familiar classroom practice.’

Once more teachers across the UK will no doubt watch these changes very closely as assessment once again becomes a hot topic.

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