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Free Seed Dispersal Lesson Plan

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20th Sep 2018

After those violent winds we had yesterday, many branches came down, bringing with them lots of Acorns and Horse Chestnuts, which brought to mind a very enjoyable lesson all about seed dispersal.
This lesson links to Year 3 Objective ‘ Explore the parts that flowers play in the lifecycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.’

This is one of those objectives that is best spread across the year and visited when the plants outside are demonstrating their changes.

This is a really, cross curricular lesson with science at its core but also leads to some great Art and DT, as well as some creative writing. The lesson plan begins with the poem from Michael Rosen ‘ Acorn, Conker , Key’ and leads into a seed collection walk,  with the children making a fantasy seed of their own by the end of the lesson.

The photo that accompanies this news feed comes from a child at Waberthwaite Primary school who took part in an lesson to make their own fantasy seed, so may thanks for sharing that photo !  If you don’t happen to have a copy of Michael’s excellent book ‘ Centrally Heated Knickers’ which contains this poem then you can watch Michael Rosen perform the poem on the following link To down load education Guru’s lesson plan for free just click on the folder.
We hope you enjoy this free lesson plan. It is part of Education Guru’s Pack for Year 3 based on stories and poems. The whole pack can be purchased at and it gives you lots of poem and story ideas to make science more creative.

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