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17th Oct 2018

Anna Freud has launched On My Mind; `a new website which aims to empower young people to make informed choices about the mental health support they want, the treatments they receive and the outcomes they desire.`

This site has been co produced with young people and contains digital resources ;

Youth Wellbeing Directory: Since April, the directory has seen a 7- fold increase in visitors to the site since relaunch in April.
Jargon Buster: To help young people understand medical terms in simple language
Receiving Support: Videos & Q&As about what a young person can expect when working with a service
Understanding Referrals: Videos & Q&As about the referrals process
Helping Someone Else: Top tips and advice from young people about how to help a friend or family member
Know Your Rights: Allows young people to feel empowered a to make informed choices

To find out more click on the link

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