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Halloween and Bonfire Night Science

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29th Oct 2018

Remember why we teach science ?
Hopefully not just because it is on the National curriculum ! It is so the children can understand what is happening in the world they live in. Therefore, whenever possible it’s a good idea to match the science to what’s happening in the world right at the present moment. Halloween and Bonfire Night offer many rich pickings to do just that.

If you are studying materials then there is lots of baking that can be done to look at reversible and non reversible change such as baking Parkin – a firm favourite for Bonfire Night or toffee apples so the children can see dissolving or making toffee. ( Be careful of the high temperatures needed for these recipes). You could melt chocolate and add sprinkles for a safer Year 3 changing material experiment.  The children can look at the nutrients found in their Trick or Treat Goodies and see which has the highest sugar content! Could they design a healthy goodie bag for Halloween?

If you are feeling very brave and your risk assessment allows it, then using indoor fireworks is a great way to show burning for the Year 5 Materials topic. Get the children to make predictions about what they think they will see, hear smell before you light the indoor fireworks. Get them to draw a pictorial prediction of what they think will be left. My favourites are Snakes Alive, as they don’t disappear into a small pile of ash like most fireworks, instead they grow into a huge snake when they are lit. Great to challenge the more able! Get the children to research what the materials are that are left over from fireworks or a bonfire – can this process be reversed?

For other ideas such as the Waving Zombie Hand 18/10/15  Creepy Classification 19/10/16 and Scary skeleton 16/10/16  scroll down over the news page to those dates and click on the ideas for some other great experiments to do with the children.

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