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Human Heroes 1 - Einstein

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16th Dec 2018

This new app ( cost £3.99) introduces children to the great scientific minds. The first one focuses on Einstein who is voiced by Stephen Fry.

The series will introduce other scientists in the future such as Newton and Marie Curie.

Here is what the Human Heroes 1 has to say ;

In the Intergalactic Hall of Knowledge, historys greatest minds are brought back to life.
Their mission: to spread humanitys knowledge to every corner of the universe ... starting with you!

* Explore the history of telling time and learn to read clocks of every kind.

* Examine how we experience the passage of time, and find out why time is a one-way street… we think!

* Discover the mind-bending paradoxes of Einsteinian physics and learn about the Theory of Relativity.

* Follow Einstein’s path to greatness as you lean about his remarkable life.

To download the app follow the link

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