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Mental Health Awareness Week May 13th - 19th 2019

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12th May 2019

Each year mental Health Awareness week is celebrated on the second Monday of the May – Just in time for SATs !

This year’s theme is on body image and during the week the Mental Health Foundation will be releasing the biggest ever survey into body image and how it impacts our lives.

Everyone has an amazing body with all of its intricacies , but some people find it hard to love their body perhaps due to bullying or their own perceptions of a perfect body . Body image can affect everyone - male and female and can lead to poor mental health , so why not start a discussion in your school this week to see if you can encourage everyone to love their body whatever its shape or size ?

Lots of useful resources can be downloaded from the Mental Health Foundation website to help you support discussions in your school. There is also a list of activities that are happening across the UK that you could get involved with.

Click on the folder to download the support pack for 2019 or follow the link to their website.

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