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Young Imagineers Competition 2019

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7th Sep 2019

Inventions can change the world for the good of many.

Behind every good invention there is the science needed to make the invention work . Combining science and technology, is a great way to enthuse the children and teach two subjects at once.

One great way to do this is to get involved with this year’s Young Imagineers competition. If your children are aged between 7 – 14 years old they can take part by putting forward a drawing of their idea that could change the world and describing it in a 100 words. (Nice cross-curricular link to English)

Last year’s winner was the designer of a ‘solar powered , pollution sucking pigeon’ ! The winner’s design is displayed at the science museum in London. To find out more follow the link.

Education Guru runs a course called Pioneers of Exploration and Invention . In this course we discovery ways to teach the science curriculum through Inventions, explorers and scientists.

Get n touch if you would like to attend this course.


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