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Big Garden Birdwatch 2020

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19th Jan 2020

From the 25th to 27th Jan 2020 the RSPB is encouraging you to get involved with the annual bird count .

All you have, to do is choose an hour during one of those days, where you sit and count all the birds you can see. It doesn’t have to be at school, it may be in a park or your own back garden.

As teachers you a may not have time to fit this in during the school day but you can encourage your children to do it at home and then bring in the data. Thus, practising some Working Scientifically skills through classifying and grouping, observation over time and then research to identify the unknown birds.

If you took part in the count in 2019 then you can do some pattern seeking to see what has changed. It could lead to some great graphs and fits in nicely with lots of the Animals including Humans objectives.

Perhaps you find there are less birds than last year, task the children to find ways to help support their local bird population – perhaps creating a richer environment through planting or creating bird feeders bringing in some Technology objectives.

There’s lots of resources to help with this on the RSPB website. It’s a great springboard for a whole school topic.

Happy counting!

To find out more and get involved, download the free pack click on the link.

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