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29th Jan 2020

Many of you will already be using films as a creative hook for your science lessons, but for those of you haven’t, then here are a few ideas.

Many of the Wallace and Gromit films work really well. Curse of the Were Rabbit shows the effect of fertilisers to grow the biggest vegetables and rabbits ! Encourage your year 3 class to see if they can grow the biggest vegetable linking to the plant LO. If you are studying space take a look at A Grand Day Out and see if the children believe the films ideas about the moon and space.

And there is always Frozen and now Frozen 2 for all things icy!

The Golden Globe award winning animated film called the Missing Link would work well in Year 6 when looking at Evolution. In this film, a Sasquatch – Mr Link travels with an explorer to find his long lost relatives and has many adventures on the way.

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