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7th Mar 2020

The Noticing Nature report , carried out by the National Trust & University of Derby looked at how children and adults interact with nature. Their results were rather worrying;

Children’s connections to nature
• 90% infrequently or never watched a sunrise.
• 83% infrequently or never smelled wild flowers
• 77% infrequently or never listened to birdsong
• 24% often stopped to look at the stars or moon

Adults results were only marginally better.
Surprisingly, even though a lot of adults and children rarely interact with nature then they were concerned about looking after and protecting the natural world as the following data shows;

Concern about the state of nature

          • 73 % of children and 81 per cent of adults say they are concerned about the decline in nature

          • 56 % of young people aged 16-24 say they are more worried about nature�s decline than they were a year ago.

          • 86 % of adults agree that it�s important that there are strong laws to protect nature in the UK.

Interacting with nature not only boosts your wellbeing but also helps protect endangered species and habitats, so the more we can get out there and explore the better it is for our world and the people and organisms in it.

Perhaps children and adults alike just need to be encouraged to interact with nature through different ideas and suggestions and so the National Trust have created lots of resources to help people become more Connected to Nature.

Click on the folder to download your Weekly Guide to Noticing Nature produced by the National trust and click on the link to find out more ideas and places to visit to help make that connection grow.

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