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17th Mar 2020

We recognise that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation, this is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that is filled with uncertainty. Our thoughts go out to all school staff and their class members. We hope that in the coming months you stay safe and well.

As schools, are at the time of posting, still open across much of the UK , this may well be a good time to address some of the biology strands of the science curriculum connected to healthy bodies such as looking at hand hygiene and the spread of germs. If you can get your hands on a UV light and some Glitterbug Lotion ( you can help children see how germs spread and then show them the best way to clean an area and stay safe. Be careful not to make them more worried about the virus.

Another great activity is to take a bowl of water and grind some black pepper onto the surface to represent germs. Then get a child to put a blob of hand sanitiser onto their finger and gently touch the surface of the water in the middle of the bowl. Watch what happens to all the germs (pepper). This is a great analogy to help children realise there is something they can do to help fight the virus.

The Carex website also has some great activities to help with this subject.

Or perhaps your class could put together a poster to help others stay safe during this time as a cross curricular activity.

Also try to find some time to focus on mental health to help children address the anxiety they may be feeling around the pandemic. Please scroll down our posts to find resources to help you with this.

We want you to know you have our commitment to continue providing you with CPD and services you depend on to further your teaching. We also realise that running face to face CPD in this current climate may not be the safest action. We are available therefore, to run online CPD to groups or individuals.

Please get in touch to find out more.

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