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14th Apr 2020

Chris Packham is a star as far as we are concerned at Education Guru!

During this difficult period, Chris Packham is spending his time helping us connect to nature with his daily live broadcasts from his home in the new forest. Every weekday morning at 9am Chris goes live on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube with a broadcast to help us to connect to nature whilst in lockdown.

He has very generously given his time to bring us ways to engage with the outdoors whilst still staying at home. So far we have seen a female osprey building her nest whilst she awaits the male ospreys return, we looked at different animal skulls and their amazing adaptations , and learnt about magnificent mammals such as badgers , otters , bats and hedgehogs plus much more.

If you would like to see the first podcast he did where he explains why he decided to start doing the Wild Mornings then use this link

These daily podcasts are really engaging , and whether you are in lock down with your family or in school teaching front line workers’ children, then the live broadcasts have lots of ideas and information to help you learn and teach about nature in our natural world.

Definitely worth getting up for, or if you enjoy a lie in, then watch later on social media. These broadcasts can be a great jumping off point for further learning if you are teaching children remotely.

Chris Packham’s website also has lots of other great ideas and resources.

We salute you Mr Packham – thankyou !
Click on the link to got to Chris Packham’s website.

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