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Escape Challenge - Lock Paper Scissors

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16th Apr 2020

Keeping children cooped up inside is never a good idea. As a teacher I always used to dread wet play, coming back to a untidy classroom and children still full of energy which I then needed to get back on focus to try to start teaching again! The current situation is a bit like one long wet play whether you are in school teaching front line workers or at home with your own kids.

So why not try these ideas from Lock, Paper, Scissors. They are a great company who provide escape rooms you can buy and use at home for parties and wet days. They have some free suggestions for you to try – click on the folder to get some ideas. You can also visit the website and have a look at some of their other resources that you could buy to help amuse your children and develop their thinking skills. Click on the link

At Education Guru we love to do escape rooms in our spare time and our holiday cottage has its very own bespoke Escape room that people can come and do when we are not in lockdown. We also run a Geek retreat short break which includes the escape room, a murder mystery, car treasure hunt and board game day.

Maybe when this is all over you might want to come and stay!

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