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8th May 2020

Maybe, like me, some of you are playing games during lockdown. Maybe you played games when you were younger and have some memories of fighting over Mayfair during Monopoly or spending ages setting up Mouse Trap.

Games are a brilliant way to engage children so they think they are not doing any work but are in fact learning loads.

Home teaching can be rather tricky, trying to keep the kids on track and amused. So why not have a go at making some science games?

You can base them on games like dominoes, bingo, snap, loop games, Taboo. Focus them on whatever science topic your kids are learning about at the moment, see if you can get them to create a game the whole family can play using their knowledge.

For more details on how to do this, click on the folder to download the free Education Guru lesson plan about science Dominoes.

Watch this space for further ways to create science games. Over the next few posts, we will be sharing some ideas of how to do this.

If you do create some of your own we would love you to send us some pictures then we can share them on the site.

Download our Free Lesson Plan

This easy to follow lesson takes your class through creating a curious creature with peculiar adaptations