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Action for Happiness - New Ways November

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4th Nov 2020

Here is this month’s Action For Happiness Calendar which you may want to share with your class or put up in the staff room.

The focus for November, although many areas of the country are now once again in lockdown, is that we try new things to help us stay curious and engaged. By finding ways to try new things, we can feel a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

For example we have a friend who has taken up painting by numbers during 2020– yes there is painting for numbers for grown ups! This has turned her house into an art gallery and given her a sense of calm and achievement. Another friend has enrolled in a mindfulness course on line for free.

Both of these activities have only been engaged in due to free time that lockdown has created . Both friends have shared that they have really enjoyed and benefitted from learning these new skills.

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