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You have been amazing in 2020 !

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18th Dec 2020

Education Guru would like to wish all the amazing teachers, who have worked so tirelessly in 2020 providing an unwavering educational commitment to their children through a forever changing landscape, a very Peaceful and Happy Christmas.

May you find time to rest and recuperate over the Christmas break and spend some time with those dearest to you.

We thank you for putting yourselves on the front line in 2020 to support your students through the most difficult year. You are the unsung heroes, who have adapted to all the challenges that have been thrown your way whilst risking your own health and wellbeing.

`Teaching is a calling too. And I’ve always thought that teachers in their way are holy — angels leading their flocks out of the darkness.`
Quote from Jeannette Walls

May 2021 blossom into a calmer and less stressful year for you all.

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