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Free Resources to support Story Telling Week 2021

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27th Jan 2021

What a great opportunity to use a story in science during national storytelling week 30th Jan to 6th Feb 2021

Using a story in a science lesson is one of my favourite tools to engage children and help them make the link between the science they are learning about and it’s application in the real world.

In this current time of homeschooling, then it's also quite an enjoyable way to send some science home for parents to engage with. Even if the child doesn’t have the story at home then they can often find someone reading it out online.
Or that can be your intro for the lesson – you reading the story and they can then carry out the investigation.

At Education Guru, we created a whole school resource to support teachers 

Stories & Poems to support Creative Science -

by providing a lesson plan for each topic with an appropriate story or poem at the center. There may be some stories you have thought about using and others you have never heard of.

To get you started we have added one free lesson plan to the folder for you to take a look at and use next week.

There are some other free examples on the website that use poetry. Take a look at these links

If you would like to buy the pack for your year group then follow the link below – packs start at just £5.99 for a single year group, £10 for a KS1, £20 for KS2, or for the whole school pack it is a discounted price of £25. You can look at a sample before you buy. Click on the link to take a look.

Hopefully, these resources will be a time-saver in the current climate.

Happy Storytelling week!

Download our Free Lesson Plan

This easy to follow lesson takes your class through creating a curious creature with peculiar adaptations