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24th Apr 2021

Are you looking at water in your next science topic? Perhaps linking it to solids, liquids and gases or looking for an exciting whole school topic you could do connected to helping the environment and changing materials?

Then look no further this website has everything you need to support your water-themed lessons with detailed lesson plans and a resource pack stuffed full of ideas and resources with plenty of cross-curricular links.

The site reaches out worldwide to encourage children to look at how precious water is and ways that it is used and can be conserved asking ;

Would you like to support Water Explorer in your country?

Water Explorer can be scaled up and delivered at a local level by in-country delivery partners. This involves gaining full access to our interactive website, including the option for teams to register and gain points for the challenges they complete. In addition, the winning team from each country will participate in our Water Explorer Global competition. The full programme is supported by a dedicated member of staff from Global Action Plan UK.

Click on the link to find out more and access the free resources.

Download our Free Lesson Plan

This easy to follow lesson takes your class through creating a curious creature with peculiar adaptations