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2nd May 2021

So how do we know what has been missed during COVID?
How will we have time to catch it all up?

The simple answer is you don't have the time right now to cover it all in enough depth that the children can really understand it.

So we need a plan - identify the gaps, look at progression, decide where these objectives & skills will be next visited. Some strands won't appear for another year or two depending on what year group we are looking at. So how will we work out what goes where and when?

Education Guru's Progression and Tracking grids are an excellent tool to support you with this. They show progression through both the knowledge topics and working Scientifically skills across the whole school, allowing you to see what gaps children have and where they will have the opportunity to visit these objectives again.

This resource will be invaluable in your science recovery plan. To view the resources for both Knowledge and WS skills follow the link.
If you would like any support with how this resource can help your school please get in touchĀ

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