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Intensive Science Support Programme for Primary Schools

A flexible intensive support package can transform how you teach science. It helps your school identify areas of strength and development in science, and supports you in making any changes. You can mix and match different elements, which allows you to create a tailored package that’s designed around your school’s needs. These elements include:

  1. A full day mentoring for the Science Subject Leader, including a planning and work scrutiny alongside child interviews. This gives the Subject Leader a full picture of their school’s science’s status, providing them with the information they need to make a ’next steps’ action plan
  2. Joint observations with the Subject Leader. This has the dual benefit of showing you how to do Science observations and helping you see if what we had found in the work scrutiny is backed up in the classroom.
  3. Individual sessions with each teacher in the school, helping them to a plan a unit with their strengths and areas of development and their children’s needs, in mind.
  4. Whole school training to cover any school-wide issues, such as working scientifically.
  5. A follow-up visit to assist you in tweaking your plans and differentiate for your cohorts in more depth.

All schools taking part in our Science Support programme will receive access to supplementary resources on our website.

To discuss your requirements please contact / mobile- 07896101106

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