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1. Did They Get It? Making Assessing And Tracking Manageable

With the need to make sure children are continually learning and progressing, planning effective differentiated science lessons that challenge all your learners all the time can be tricky. This course helps teachers assess and monitor children`s progress in science in an effective and manageable way. This session will introduce you to a variety of methods to assess children`s knowledge and `Working Scientifically` skills. It will show you how, through the development of success criteria, progression can be tracked, and teaching and learning developed. Time will be spent looking at Education Guru`s Whole School Progression and Tracking Resource.

As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Effectively monitor your students` achievement and set meaningful targets to maximise progress in science.

  • Experience a range of engaging, practical strategies to demonstrate children`s abilities.

  • Utilise assessment results to inform future teaching and identify next steps through appropriate success criteria.


Access Our Free Teaching Resource

This fun-filled game pack contains a set of 40 cards jam packed full of fascinating scientists and their often wacky inventions!

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