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16. Increasing Science Capital

We don’t have enough students taking up the sciences in the UK and the government wants to encourage more to fill the employment gaps. 


The discovery of Glauconitic-like clay found on Mars, the invention of the artificial skin for robots and the explorers who discovered the world's longest underwater cave rich with diversity; all of these are all examples of how studying the great scientists, inventors, and explorers is a fantastic way to support children to make the links between their science learning and the world they live in as well as inspiring them to ‘Work Scientifically’.


This course will look at how you can use these scientists, explorers, and inventors to increase Science Capital and give primary aged children a love of science which may one day lead to a career in sciences.


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This fun-filled game pack contains a set of 40 cards jam packed full of fascinating scientists and their often wacky inventions!

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