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5. Key Stage Focus - (KS1/Lower KS2/Upper KS2)

Are you new to your year group? Or perhaps you need some new ideas to invigorate the way you teach science? Do you want to create a buzz and excitement in your classroom and enthuse pupils about science? This training day is crammed with ideas, fun activities, and investigations that will make your science teaching go with a bang. Learn how to motivate your pupils to relate science to their everyday lives. You will discover how to help your pupils make those connections between science and the world in which they live. This course is designed to enrich your lessons and you will learn how to assess and track your children`s progress.

As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discover new and creative ways to enrich and enhance your teaching of science and make it relevant and enjoyable for your pupils.

  • Understand what engages children and learn how to maximise their science learning.

  • Deliver new practical science activities with confidence in the classroom.

  • Track and assess your children`s progression in each key stage.


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