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8. Real Science Within The Learning Challenge

It`s all too easy to plough on and miss the incredible things that happen right under our noses, but science is happening every minute, of every day, all around us, all over the world! How often do we change our topic plans to incorporate what`s happening in the here and now? For example, how about those gravitational waves, only recently discovered, which prove Einstein`s theory right? How could we grow food in space to support the first Martian landings? Don`t miss out on the chance to use current discoveries to excite children about science. This course will help you seize these opportunities to make connections to other areas of the curriculum that will engage children and demonstrate why science is so exciting and relevant to their lives.

As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Challenge and engage your pupils¸ helping them develop their science knowledge and `Working Scientifically` skills in response to the world in which they live.

  • Identify your pupils` misconceptions and be able to take their learning further by addressing them using real-life contexts.

  • Discover new and creative ways to develop cross-curricular links.


Access Our Free Teaching Resource

This fun-filled game pack contains a set of 40 cards jam packed full of fascinating scientists and their often wacky inventions!

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