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9. Exploring The Unknown Through Working Scientifically

Do you want to help children become scientific investigators in a practical and fun way? This course enables you to teach science in a way that develops children`s `Working Scientifically` skills. It encourages curiosity, observation, and enquiry and is central to developing children`s understanding of and engagement with science. In this course, you will explore the different types of scientific enquiry, and you will discover and develop the skills that are needed to bring them to life in the classroom. You will also look at a variety of ways to assess this very practical part of the curriculum in order to track your pupils` progress.

As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify different ways to `Work Scientifically` and use these to develop your pupils` attainment and progression.

  • Learn to utilise step-by-step learning in children`s `Working Scientifically` skills and be able to assess their progress.

  • Address children`s misconceptions about science and make science meaningful for them by relating it to their lives.


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