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Looking After Our Mental Health Workshops

Children`s Mental Health education needs as much attention, if not more, than the statutory National Curriculum. Nowadays, stress, anxiety and other mental health issues are big barriers to both teaching and learning. Children need some time out of their hectic world filled with electronic devices, social media and academic pressures.

There is so much you can do to help pupils be more relaxed, happy and resilient. Equipping children from an early age to be able to use breathing and relaxation activities can help prepare them to meet the demands of the world they are growing up in. Education Guru has an in depth understanding of young people`s mental health and the factors that affect wellbeing.

We have designed a suite of workshops to help support children learn these vital techniques. Time will be spent in each classroom from Reception to Year 6 alongside the class teacher introducing an age appropriate breathing activity followed by either:

Breathe & Chill Workshop 1 - meditation activity for the children

Breathe & Stretch Workshop 2 - flex and stretch activity for the children

Breathe & Gel Workshop 3 - co-operative resilience activities for the children

This will then be followed by a staff meeting where staff will be introduced to breathing and relaxation techniques to help support their own Mental Health and to gain insight into the science behind the power of the wellbeing workshops delivered during the day.

Further support is available to create bespoke programmes for the whole school if desired and workshops are available for parents to develop their own mental health.

If you are interested in improving the wellbeing of your staff and pupils, then please get in touch and we can talk through the process in more detail. We can design a tailored course to meet the specific needs of your class or school and discounts are available if two or more workshops are booked for the whole school.


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