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Boost Your Staff's Mental Health - Staff Meeting

Children’s Mental Health education needs as much attention, if not more, than the statutory National Curriculum, especially in these difficult times.



Without good mental health, classroom delivery becomes an uphill struggle and children are unable to access the learning. In the current climate, stress, anxiety and other mental health issues are on the rise and are creating barriers to both teaching and learning. Teachers and children need some time out of their hectic world filled with electronic devices, social media and academic pressures.

This two hour online session will guide you through some easily applied techniques and ways to help you improve your own mental health and that of the children you teach. Leaving you both ready to take on the school day.


• Understand why our wellbeing and that of the children is important.

• Learn how our brains work and how this affects our actions

• Leave with various activities to support your own emotional literacy and good mental health and tips to use back in the classroom


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