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Multi-disciplinary CPD Online April 24th

OFSTED are now looking at the width and depth of the school’s curriculum. Are children receiving

a broad palette of all subjects that help them understand the world around them? Are relevant

and meaningful links being made between all areas of the curriculum? This online course will help you seize these opportunities to make connections to other areas of the curriculum that will engage

children and demonstrate why science is so exciting and relevant to their lives. 


  • To be able to challenge and engage your pupils¸ helping them develop their substantive & disciplinary knowledge in response to the world in which they live.

  • To be able to Identify your pupils’ misconceptions and be able to take their learning further by addressing them using real-life contexts.

  • To discover new and creative ways to develop multidisciplinary strategies that create deep and meaningful learning

To find out more and book your place contact Hester



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