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Science & RE

Time to teach everything you need to teach in school is very tricky so take advantage of those cross curricular links when they fit. Linking Easter to science through candles used to represent Jesus as the light of the world when he rose again, baking of hot cross buns to look at irreversible change, the rolling of the stone across Jesus tomb by the soldiers maybe using pulleys and levers?

And don’t forget the other religious festivals that are celebrated around this time such as Passover – Jewish Festival where you can look at the Unleavened Bread (Matzah) they bake as they didn’t have time to wait for bread to rise as the Jews fled Egypt and compare it to bread with yeast.

The plagues that God sent upon Egypt are also a rich source of working scientifically through classification and identification of the different pests that spread across the land. Another festival that falls on the13th of April is Vaisakhi which celebrates the founding of the Sikh Panj Piare or 'Beloved Five'. A big part of this celebration is music and the playing of the Jori . Children can explore ways to create music linked to the sound topic in year 5.


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