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Teach wellbeing through science investigation

Creating multi-disciplinary teaching is a win-win situation for children and teachers alike. Research shows that children are more engaged, retain and access information more successfully when we take this approach and with such a squeezed timetable any opportunity to hit numerous subjects LO is a bonus for teachers.

So have you ever thought about how we are developing children’s resourcefulness and resilience when they are investigating in science? We have all seen the moment in class when a child has been struggling to work out how to solve a science quandary, trying one way and then another only to have that eureka moment when it all falls into place and they have discovered the solution. So the more we can stand back and let our children our explore and at first not succeed in an investigation the more resourceful they will become. Which in turn will impact on many other areas of learning across the curriculum.

Dr Cyra Neave from the Anna Freud Centre says “ When we learn to problem solve for ourselves, rather than immediately going to others for help, it can help build up our confidence, help us feel more independent and feel better about making decisions”

So the next time you create a scenario or link to a story, poem or challenge in science, take a step back and give the children chance to find their own way through the investigation.

Education Guru can support your school through a staff meeting or twilight to help develop resourcefulness in children through science. Just get in touch:


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