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Why Self Care is vital

Teaching is a very demanding profession and the last two years have been particularly hard . If we don’t look after ourselves by taking care of both our physical fitness and our mental health then we are going to burn out. Remember the advice of oxygen mask on yourself before you help others. Positive Intelligence is that oxygen mask.

Why not treat yourself this summer by taking art in our Positive intelligence 7-week foundational course to give you the tools to strengthen your mental fitness so that you can return to the classroom in the Autumn term refreshed and vitalised ready to start the new academic year in peak mental fitness and have some new ideas of ways to support your pupils’ mental fitness.

Here is what one of the recent participant’s said who took part in this ground-breaking course:

Life has changed a lot since Positive Intelligence came into my life. I had a base understanding of my mental health and how I struggle from other literature and sessions but this experience has consolidated and added so much, and most importantly helped me to bring its practice into my daily life. E.M. Chiswick


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