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Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, thinking of a career change?

Teaching has one of the highest rates of burn out in all the professions. Even more so recently, as teachers were on the front line during Covid having to cope with teaching throughout the lockdowns, learning new ways to reach the children online or being in bubbles with all the extra stress that brought with it.

During lock down Education Guru enrolled on the Positive Intelligence (PQ) boot camp which took place over 6 weeks. This programme was inspiring and brought together many areas on mental wellbeing into an easily accessible enjoyable daily practice. We were so impressed with the PQ system we then went onto to become a Positive Intelligence coach as we wanted to share this life changing programme with teachers to help them increase their mental fitness so they could carry on with their chosen vocation.

We invite you to come and find out more about PQ on our free online workshop on the 7th December at 6.30pm. Get in touch:


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