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Are you Mentally Fit?

Updated: May 25, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week starts on Monday 15th May, one of the biggest mental health awareness events in the school or college calendar. The week is organised by the Mental Health Foundation, which has chosen the theme of anxiety for this year.

Education Guru know first-hand from working with teachers and children that anxiety is an ever-present feeling for many of them. Recently Education Guru has run a fully funded Teacher Pilot with primary school teachers and headteachers . They spent 7 weeks following the PQ – Positive Intelligence® Foundational course and the results were impressive. Take a look at the feedback from some of the teachers below:

“The Positive Intelligence® program really supported my ability to manage conflict and stress in a calm, measured way. Confronting and silencing the saboteurs and living life through my sage has helped me to develop an empathy with myself and in turn allows me to empathise more deeply with others. This program is revolutionary and would be of great benefit to anyone. “ JK Headteacher April 2023

“This has been one, if not the , most powerful and useful CPD opportunities that I have had and has impacted me personally and professionally. Being time short I had worried that this would be difficult to fit in, but with practise and determination along with the excellent support from Hester and the rest of the group (podlets) we were all able to support each other. Unlike other courses this one recognises that life is busy and shows how it can work without becoming another stress to manage. My only regret is not having come across it before. Thank you” KH Primary school teacher April 2023

“This program has the potential to make a massive difference in all areas of people’s lives including, relationships, work, and home life. I think that anyone who commits to it will see a positive change and for some people that change will be massive and life changing.

I thoroughly commend Hester as a facilitator, she has a lovely calm manner and listens thoughtfully and carefully creating a pleasant and fruitful environment for the work.” JW Education Consultant April 2023

We know from the data collected from those taking part in the PQ programme that this strengthens the mental fitness of those taking part both in their professional lives and in their personal lives. Are you ready to experience the power of PQ and begin to surf the waves of your life with ease and flow? Check out this link to find out more

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